The most current medical research consistently shows that optimal health depends almost entirely on our environmental exposures.  Our genes are the blueprint of how God creates us, but the expression of some of those genes can be activated or silenced based on the balance of their environment. 

If our cells have adequate levels of essential elements and no significant toxicities present, the environment is “in balance.”  As a result we feel well, have abundant energy and recover quickly from acute illnesses or injuries.  On the contrary, if the cellular environment remains “out of balance” because of missing essential elements and/or many toxins present,  we feel tired,  have low energy and eventually develop “dis-ease” within the cell. 

Over time, if the essential elements decrease and the toxic load increases you can see how the net imbalance results in chronic cellular inflammation and progresses into systemic diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, depression or anxiety, insomnia and obesity.

We now live in a world where daily toxicity exposure is our “new normal.”  The air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat contain numerous environmental toxins and less of the essential elements our  cells need to maintain a healthy balance.   So how do we stop chronic inflammation and reverse the disease process?


At Panacea Integrative Medicine,  we restore your health by identifying & treating the disease process at its root cause while creating optimal well-being through healing the body, mind and spirit.   This process begins by taking a comprehensive medical & environmental history, assessing your 6 elements of health,  performing a thorough medical exam and utilizing advanced diagnostic testing to identify essential cellular deficiencies and toxicities that have accumulated in the body.

Upon completion of these tests, we will  have a detailed discussion of your results, explain how the results correlate to your symptoms and create a personalized  treatment program that combines the best of complementary and conventional medicine.   The core of my integrative medical treatment program includes the following holistic healing principles:

Anti Aging

• Replace all cellular nutrient deficiencies with purified, organic & nutrient dense foods or supplements.

• Remove toxins & biotoxins from the body, gently & safely.

• Repair the cellular damage caused by chronic inflammation & excessive oxidative stress.

• Rebalance the gut-brain axis & any hormone imbalance.

• Restore healthy brain function and autonomic nervous system dysregulation.

• Reconnect your spiritual being through sense of purpose, mindfulness & love.