Brain Health

I have a special passion for brain health and healing. One of my professional goals is to stop the stigma of mental illness and encourage all of those that suffer neuropsychological symptoms to seek help from a board certified integrative provider. I am one of those providers.

The brain, like all other organs in the body, will not work efficiently or effectively if there are cellular imbalances present like nutrient deficiencies, cellular toxicities or damaged neurons due to either physical or emotional trauma.

This is why I use the same holistic approach that I outlined on the previous page, along with qEEG functional brain mapping or a brain MRI with neuroquantitative analysis, based on the person’s presentation or initial lab results.

My treatment plan includes replacing all nutrient deficiencies, removing toxic substances from the body, addressing the gut microbiome, restoring healthy sleep cycles and rebalancing the communication signals between the limbic system and the autonomic nervous system, which favors a more calm and content state of being.

I have learned two types of safe, effective and drug free neuropsychological healing therapies from some of the top experts in the field of integrative neuropsychology. One is the Iasis microcurrent neurofeedback system and the other is auricular acupuncture.

In my experience, they have both played an important role within a comprehensive, spiritually based, neuropsychological healing program. I am a certified level 1 Iasis microcurrent neurofeedback medical provider and a certified NADA provider by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback

IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback system is a safe, effective & drug free device that promotes a healing environment in the brain that results in healthier brain function and balanced nervous system regulation.

It is FDA registered as an EEG amplifying device and has been successfully utilized by thousands of clinical providers over the past 9 years in 11 different countries, including the United States to help improve the following conditions:

ADHD/ADD, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, OCD, PTSD, insomnia, migraine headache, eating disorders, concussion symptoms, mild-moderate traumatic brain injury, post-stroke neurological deficits.

How it works: Small electrode sensors are placed on the scalp that detect and monitor brainwave activity and those signals are sent to a computerized EEG processor. The programmed processor generates a very small corresponding pulsed microcurrent signal back through the electrodes which helps to clean out and promote healing of the damaged neuronal pathways.

The IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback has been shown to provide awesome benefits for our brain. The first is the enhancement of neuroplasticity; the ability of the neural pathways in the brain to change through reorganization and growth. Making these new connections allows for healthier brain function and helps to rebalance the communication feedback loop to autonomic nervous systems, favoring a more calm and content state of being.

Another great benefit is the restoration of deep sleep. This is important because deep sleep is when our brain detoxifies and repairs itself. Research studies have proven that both physical and neurochemical damage in the brain results in abnormally slow delta wave activity which is the predominant frequency needed for deep sleep. After enough damage has occurred, the brain is not able to effectively achieve restorative deep sleep which impairs neurologic repair and detoxification. Over time, byproducts build up in the brain leading to neurologic symptoms like memory impairment, brain fog, mood instability and headaches.

It is an innovative variant of the traditional transcranial neurofeedback systems because it uses extremely low energy microcurrent pulses that are safe and gentle to the operating frequencies in the human brain, in the magnitude of 3 picowatts or 1/100 volts of an AA battery. Its success is based on the principle of “HORMESIS”: A process in nature whereby a living organism shows a more favorable biological response from a lower treatment dose versus a higher one.

The I-MCN system differs from previous higher energy neurofeedback methods for 3 main reasons:
It has a quicker positive response rate w/ 85% of patients reporting positive improvement responses within the first 3 treatments.
It has a significantly lower side effect profile with less post treatment hyperreactivity symptoms.
It is the only MCN device to have objective evidence in published studies that show a significant reduction in the neurochemically damaged areas of the brain
following treatment.

For more details please visit the IASIS MCN website: